Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We do not offer international shipping (mainland UK only, excluding Ireland, Northern Ireland, Channel and other islands). You must have a valid UK billing address to place an order with us. We will not ship to a PO Box/Mail box address.

Orders that are not as above will be cancelled and refunded, possibly without notice.

You can visit the American site at www.noblecollection.com for international delivery, the French website at www.noblecollection.fr for deliveries in Europe as well as a Spanish site www.noblecollection.es.

Q: I’ve just ordered an item from you. When will I get it?
A: Please check this page for delivery details. Deliveries over the Christmas period are subject to delays.

Q: I haven’t received a dispatch notice for my order.
A: We don’t send dispatch emails or provide tracking, however if your order is taking longer than the suggested delivery time to arrive then please do contact us.

Q: How do I return an item?
A: Please refer to our Returns Policy.

Q: I didn’t get an order confirmation.
A: Our confirmation emails often get filtered into spam, junk or even trash folders as they are from a no-reply address. Please double check these folders and if there is still nothing let us know via email and we can resend this to you manually.

Q: I tried to place an order but I’m not sure if it went through.
A: Please contact us with your full name and address and we will check if an order was successfully placed.

Q: I received an email/voicemail telling me to get in contact. What is this for?
A: Due to an increasing amount of online fraud we hold all orders over £300 until we can confirm the identity of the card holder via phone for their protection. If we cannot get through we will attempt to communicate via email to arrange a call. Orders may be subject to delays or cancelled if we cannot get in touch. Please find more information here.

Q: This item I’d like to buy is out of stock. When will it be back in stock?
A: Whenever an item is out of stock we will have it on order to our warehouse, meaning it will likely be back in with the next delivery. Sometimes there may be a shortage from our manufacturing plant so products will be out of stock for longer, from weeks to months. If this is the case then unfortunately we won't be able to provide you with details of its return.

Q: There is an item I'd like to buy on the US website, but it isn't available to purchase on yours. Will this be available in future?
A: As we are separate from Noble Collection distributors in other territories, we may have stopped selling older products that the US website still has listed. With new products that are not yet listed, it is likely that other territories have received the new products slightly before us.

Q: Do you sell gift cards?
A: We do not sell gift cards or vouchers.

Q: Do you offer discount codes?
A: At this time we do not offer the use of discount codes through our website.

Q: Do you sell the Character wand name clips separately?
A: We are unable to provide name clips separately from the wands. The name clips come with the Character wands only, not with the Ollivanders wands.

Q: Do you have a shop?
A: We have a concession in Hamleys on Regent Street, London on the fourth floor, and have retail stockists throughout the UK.

On 2nd December 2017 we opened our very own store on Neal Street, Covent Garden, London. You can find more details here!

If your query has not been answered by the above please contact us via the Customer Enquiries form at the top of the website.

Q: I own a business and I’d like to trade wholesale with you. How do I do this?
A: Please send wholesale enquiries by email to djude@noblecollection.com, describing your business. Enquiries placed through the contact form may be missed. Summarised below are the Terms of Trade:

Currently any shipment with a net value of £700 net or over will be delivered free of carriage charge within the mainland UK. We do not ship outside of this. An opening order of at least £800 net value is required to commence business.

Currently any shipment falling below this amount will be subject to an additional £15.00 P&P. Although this cost may increase when cost review is completed.

Orders below £500 net are not accepted.

The turnaround is normally between 3 - 5 working days from receipt of your order. Maybe a bit longer over the Christmas period, but we'll try.

We do not drop ship.

We do not offer sale or return.

We do not offer discounts off the list price, regardless of volume, so there is a level playing field for all who wish to sell Noble Collection products.

We operate on a pro forma basis.

Payment by credit card is preferred.

Damage claims are required within 3-5 days of receipt of your order. A clear photograph and a brief description of the problem should be sent to me. Such claims by your customers are not accepted.

Orders are only accepted through our ordering portal, details of which will be forwarded upon the return of the forms (scans by email are fine for this although you can post them should you so choose).

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